Neuhub Community Suite

Build your own website, community, and audience without giving up control.


Addons, Themes, and Widgets for Hubzilla & Streams

The Neuhub Community Suite is designed to enhance Hubzilla & Streams, providing a modern interface and additional features. 

A Social Home You Control

Instead of depending on major social media platforms for your social media presence, build your own and control your data.

Build a Community

Build a community based upon your interests, content, or brand with access to millions of decentralized social media users.

Customized Experience

You can create a customized look and feel for your personal social presence, small business, non-profit, or online community.

Federated Social Media

Expand your audience by being connected to decentralized social media platforms such as Hubzilla, ActivityPub, and Mastodon.

Social Single Sign On

Use your social identity to remotely authenticate with any website compatible with OpenWebAuth, no password required.

Open Source & Customizable

The source code is licensed under the MIT license, which allows you to customize and build upon the existing codebase.

What You Can Create

Using Hubzilla and Neuhub

Hubzilla with Neuhub is a flexible platform that allows you to create a customized website and decentralized social media presence. Some of the things you can create include:

Personal Social Presence

  • Single User Instance
  • Family & Friends Hub


  • Public Forums
  • Private Discussion Groups

Custom Solutions

  • Membership Websites
  • Content Websites
  • Custom Apps

You can use Hubzilla with Neuhub to build websites and social media presences for:

  • Individuals
  • Small Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Freelancers
  • Creators & Artists